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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Dollar Socks Club?

The Dollar Socks Club is a monthly sock subscription club! Choose 1 of our 10 plans, and get awesome socks delivered to your door, every month! 

When do I get my socks?

We ship out the first week of each month. Your socks should arrive mid month.

I don't like the socks you sent. What now?

We think you'll love every pair of socks you get, but if not, no worries. Let us know, and we'll get a replacement pair out to you in your next shipment. 

Wow, other sock subscription companies don't accept exchanges, and are all more expensive. How are you guys so awesome!

Hey thanks! We just want to do right by our customers, so they love every pair of socks they get. If that means sending you replacement socks so you're happy, then we're happy!

I want to change my subscription, what should I do?

Pretty easy. Just cancel your current subscription, and select whichever new plan you want. 

Is this a contract? What is your cancelation policy?

Once you join The Dollar Socks Club, you are in it for life! Not really. Our plans are month to month, you can cancel anytime. Easily too. Just hit cancel, you don't have to send a letter written in blood to a strange country or anything like that. 

Why can't I select which pair of socks I want each month?

Because that would make what we do a lot harder! Lots of people want socks, so to streamline the process, we select the socks each month. Don't worry though, they'll be awesome. 

Well then what kind of socks will I get?

Take a look through our collections. They are all part of the club, and could be one of the pairs you get! If you see something you want right now and don't want to chance it, you can purchase any of the designs you see. 

So what if I see a pair of socks that I want right now?

Did you even read the last question? Maybe you didn't.. Good news! You can buy any socks you see in our collections. Just add whatever products you'd like to your cart, and check out! Sometimes you may order a pair of socks but get a slightly different version of the design, as our inventory can sometimes change. 

Will I get the same socks more than once?

Nope. Different designs every month. 

Do you ship internationally? 


This is for someone else, how do I show them the awesome gift they're getting?

You have 2 options - 1, you can buy it a month in advance and time it perfectly so it arrives just before their birthday/Christmas/Hannuka/Kwanzaa/Flag Day. Or 2, you can purchase whenever, then print out one of our awesome club certificates to give to them! 

What size are the socks? 

They are unisex socks, and will fit most feet. Men 7-14, women 4-12. Probably not basketball players. If they don't fit, let us know, and we'll get bigger ones out to you. We've had people size 15 order and been happy with how they fit. 

Don't see your question answered here? 

Hit us up and ask away!